Updated: Sep 18, 2020

Finding the best box company in California wasn't an easy task for us.

When I sat down with Eric from Bay Cities & showed him our designs, he loved it right away.

“Bay Cities Package & Design has a rich history of pushing the limits for their clients. Vetting the right company that could grow with Antler's wild ideas was important to us.”

Sitting down with Eric from Bay Cities was fun I gotta admit. I was at the point in Antler's creation where I knew this was what it was all gonna come down to. How do we deliver a beautiful box filled with goodies that clearly steps it up forever & instantly blows our customers away. From the glossy shiny finish, to the printed messages inside them and most importantly - the durability of the box themselves.

Bay Cities is where it all began for our Antler Event Boxes...

Bay Cities is the leading creative packaging and display partner to brand marketers, retailers and e-commerce. Our passion, experience, technology and consumer insights move product and drive sales.

Good things come in Bay Cities packaging and displays. Our team of designers, manufacturers, sales professionals and logistics experts move the biggest name brands in the world from the manufacturer to the retail floor or the customer’s door –with seamless, end-to-end integration and flawless quality. Our more than 60 years of experience proves we know our stuff. We incorporate cutting-edge technology, innovations and consumer research to create packaging and displays that speak to the 21st century customer, on-shelf and online. See your name personalized on a box? That’s us! Experience augmented reality at the point of purchase? That’s us! We own the customer’s buying experience unlike anyone else in the business.

Thanks for the kind words!

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