A positive & smooth moving customer service experience with quality and speed from start to finish is of the utmost importance. Happy customers means returning customers and great reviews. Identify effective processes for receiving orders from customers to:

  • ensure customer satisfaction

  • eliminate wastage and rework

  • ensure professional, effective and timely responses to requests

  1. A Confirmed Sale - Confirm payment is complete, through a payment confirmation number attached to the Sales Order.

  2. A Confirmed Delivery Address - Verify & confirm.

  3. Product Ordered Correctly - By confirmation the Purchase Order matches the online, phone or email order requested by the customer. 

  4. Customer Information Complete -  The customer identification on file matches the recipient of the delivery, this is MANDATORY NO EXCEPTIONS.

  5. In Stock - By verifying the inventory available for purchase is available and in stock.

Delivery Window Possible - Verify the delivery window is possible in the current volume of orders. If YES, notify the customer of the window, if NO notify the customer of the NEXT BEST delivery window possible.


Customer Feedback & Complaints:

The General Manager may be received by;

Except in minor instances, all feedback shall be acknowledged in writing within 24 hours. A minor instance may include a problem such as a one off late delivery.

Any response to the customer shall include the timing for resolution. If the complaint is a result of a system failure or warrants a detailed investigation, corrective action shall be raised and the matter will be handled in accordance with the company’s Corrective Action Procedures.